News » Jamie Foxx helps build "Annie" interest with surprise school visit
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Jamie Foxx helps build "Annie" interest with surprise school visit

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Jamie Foxx helps build "Annie" interest with surprise school visit

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Jamie Foxx is without question one of the box office stars of Hollywood and also one of its most loved performers, an actor loved by studio executives and fans and his recent actions showed why this is the case. The trailer for his movie "Annie" was released to the Internet and he along with Cameron Diaz and Quvenzhane Wallis are superb in the trailer. 
Jamie Foxx looking great in white blazer
The trailer by itself is generating much attention from interested viewers who have seen the Broadway production of the show and are very interested in seeing the movie. Jamie Foxx thus could have just let the trailer do the promotional work for him and the film and attended to his other movie projects but instead he and some of his colleagues decided to raise the promotional bar with a surprise visit to an elementary school and it was a huge success. 
Jamie Foxx and his two fellow actors helped the Warren Lane students prepare for their own production of the play and his visit to the school has brought even more positive attention to his upcoming film. 
Jamie Foxx looking 'buff' working out
Jamie Foxx looking 'buff' working out
The act of visiting an elementary school as part of the promotional work for a film may seem small but the dividends are huge as some of the biggest fans of the production are kids who will then tell their parents about how these Hollywood movie stars came to their school. Soon, the parents just like the kids start liking the movie star who in this case is the lovable Jamie Foxx because of the fact that he was willing to come to the school and was pleasant and nice to their child.
Next thing that happens is word spreads of the act of Jamie Foxx (and his co-stars) and now a film that was already highly anticipated has entire families putting money aside to go see the movie. 
Jamie Foxx is a film studio's dream actor because when you get him in your film you are almost guaranteed a box office hit because he will leave no stone unturned when it comes to helping promote the movie and when this is combined with his superb acting talent the result is box office success in a major way.
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